Monday, November 7, 2016

Did David Kill Goliath?

Tali Farkash of Ynetnews recently published an article highlighting a new exhibition at the Bible Lands Museum in Jerusalem that features a series of archaeological findings which may shed light on the famous biblical battle and on the beginning of monarchy in Israel. 

There are many different factors contributing to many ideas about this infamous story, but according to Yehuda Kaplan, he's leaving it up to the individual to decide the outcome of this battle. 

Kaplan writes, “We prefer to let the audience decide for itself which explanation it accepts. It’s possible that we will find out in the future that Qeiyafa is indeed the earliest evidence of the settlement of the people of Israel, which researchers have been waiting for. The Bible, in any event, is a vivid and fascinating source – not necessarily for answers, but also for questions: Who are we and what is our history?”

For more information, check out the full article HERE

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