Monday, April 17, 2017

Pilgrims Flock to Jerusalem to Celebrate Easter

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Today we're bringing you a wonderful article written by Robert Berger of VOA News that highlights the influx of pilgrims to Jerusalem this Easter season. Berger writes that after a beautiful sunrise service on Sunday that the group of pilgrims headed to the historic tomb where it is believed that Jesus was risen.

Berger spoke with one of the pilgrims after the service where he described his experience. “Being here where Christ was caused me to strengthen my faith,” Travis Cullimore, an American from San Francisco, California, told VOA. “It really provides a good perspective on who Christ is and what other people believe about Christ, and also it causes me to reflect on what I truly believe about Christ.”

Berger continues to illustrate the spiritual surroundings where pilgrims came from all over the world to experience Easter where, according to the New Testament, these events took place. 

Read more of Berger's account of the day by clicking HERE

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